No expense spared: The ultimate home renovations

Choosing to renovate your home can completely transform your lifestyle. Your home is supposed to be your happy place, somewhere you feel relaxed and safe, but it’s also space for you to welcome your friends and family. So, if you’re unhappy with the way your home looks, maybe it’s time to turn your dream renovation into reality.

Remodelling can be a time-consuming task as you want to make sure everything is perfect and just how you want it. This is a job worth doing well, so it’s important to get it right. So, no expense spared, here are three ultimate home renovation ideas for your home.

The kitchen is key

Have you ever noticed that regardless of the size or state of the house, guests always gather in the kitchen? A get together with friends and family usually involves food or drink, so if you want to create the space in your home, it makes sense for you to start with the kitchen. If your kitchen is quite small, you can look at remodelling or extending the size. This gives you the option to have an open plan kitchen, dining and living area for entertaining friendly home layout.

It can be tempting to choose the cheapest items on the market when it comes to kitchen worktops and cabinets, but it’s vital you don’t scrimp on the important details. Invest in good plumbing, lighting and heating if you’re planning on extending and completely gutting out your kitchen. The more you invest in quality at the start, the less it will cost on future maintenance costs.

Impress the guests

If you like to entertain guests quite often, investing in a luxurious guest bedroom is a trend you should be embracing, decorating for maximum style, rest and relaxation – and showcasing your sense of style to your friends and family. The best way to achieve an extra level of comfort is to choose finishes that are sensual and elegant. Instead of natural stone surfaces, marble or copper that you may have elsewhere in your home, opt for something dramatic when it comes to your bedroom floorings, such as high shine and black painted floorboards. These provide a strong base for you to build your colour scheme on, with an additional white fluffy rug for cosiness. If it’s an option for you, consider underfloor heating for warmth.

Now it’s time to move on to your choice of bed, Divan Beds Centre’s zip and link beds are a great practical option here. They’re essentially two separate mattresses that can be zipped together or separated to make two individual beds, offering flexibility sleeping requirements for guests. Be sure to add a wardrobe, some bedside tables, convenient power outlets, a full-length mirror and televisions for the ultimate guest bedroom.

Make the most of your outdoor space

An outside area to relax and entertain in is a must all year round. So, if you enjoy having friends and family over, it’s worth considering an outdoor entertainment space into your home renovation plans. There are so many different ways you can use the space, regardless of its size.

Focus on comfy seating – think cosy cushions and chairs to encourage guests to linger at the table. Consider shade and protection too – an umbrella not only has the task of providing shade in the summer, but it helps to section off your outdoor dining area.

Don’t let the rain or cold weather stop you enjoying your outdoor space either, ensure warmth with outdoor heating lamps, fire pits or patio heaters. If you have a pop-up gazebo handy, you can use that to protect you against the rain, or for a more permanent structure consider a pergola to deflect rain showers and provide shade.

Last, but certainly not least, planting is a must, and is key to make your outdoor entertainment area intimate and colourful.

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