How to design a super complete bathroom

A super complete bathroom will have a separate bathtub and shower, a double sink area, toilet and bidet. You will think: “In my house, impossible”. It is true that you will need a broad environment, but fitting the pieces into a coherent distribution can be an accessible project.

Where do I place it? Install it next to a dressing room can be very functional, if you’re looking for a bathroom linked to the master bedroom. Another solution is to approach the project as a family bathroom, creating different areas of use. In this case, it will be convenient to locate it near the sleeping area.

What is the most adjusted distribution? If you want that the surface and the budget “do not shoot”, choose the distribution that best suits your house. Let’s see options:

Longitudinal and parallel distribution

Perfect for when access to the bathroom is at one end. In general, it is a rectangular plant with two parallel equipment strips and separated by a circulation-use space. In one of the sides, install the bathroom and shower area; in the other, give prominence to the countertop, placing it at the beginning of the journey. Finally, at the opposite end of the door, place the toilets. For this solution, you need a plant 2.40 m wide by 2.80 m long. You can install a bathtub of 1.60 m; shower cabin of 0.90 m x 1.20 m; 1.40 countertop for a sink; sanitary corner of 1.40 m wide. Confused? Please visit Carreaux Metro tuiles pour salle de bain to get more information.

A Parallel Architecture

Do I have to set up separate booths? Without a doubt, it will facilitate the shared use of the bathroom. The sanitary cabin has priority. In this example, the width of the space has been used to locate two cabins, the sanitary and the shower. For toilet and bidet you will have to contemplate a surface, at least, of 1.40 m x 1.20 m. If it is only for toilet, 0.80 cm x 1.20 m, considering in both cases; compact and suspended models.

Can I have a full bath on a tight surface? Another way to find the necessary space is by fitting the shower in an attached appendix to another room or to a corridor.

How do I design the storage space? If your bathroom has a lot of visual load, it will be convenient to have everything stored; hence a built-in wardrobe is always the best idea.

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