Wood Flooring: An Introduction

If you would like to have a timeless flooring in your home, you can always go for the classic choice; Wood Flooring. Wood Flooring provides any home or office, for that matter, a sense of class, elegance and above all, comfort.

There are different kinds of Wood Flooring you can choose from; however, for each kind of wood, there are different features, supplies to complement it as well as how it is maintained, finishes and even how it can be restored to its former glory.

You have the choice to opt for a specific kind of wood you’d really like or have an affinity to. The common choices apart from hardwood are spruce and hard pine; these usually come in pre-cut slats which are unfinished to be able to retain its natural features and be given an even finish. You can pick the way you’d like to have your Wood Flooring given its finish; it could be stained, sanded down, applied with oil or even beeswax, some synthetic materials as well as polyurethane resins can also be used not only to beautify the wood but to preserve it and maximize its strength and durability as well.

Having Wood Flooring is not a reason to fear cleaning. If it has been well finished and treated, all you need to do is to constantly sweep it and mop it with a damp cloth to be able to properly maintain it and preserve its natural sheen. Though you do not need to worry if the Wood Flooring has eventually worn due to age and scratches from furniture and what not, having this repaired or restored is fairly simple.

Floor Repairs

The best way to avoid major problems is to treat it in its earliest stage. If you happen to have hardwood flooring, there is the most common problem of scratches to occur. These are rather inevitable as wood is a natural material and is highly susceptible to scratching. You can do hardwood Floor Repair on your own especially if it has been discovered in its earliest onset. If you notice scratches which have affected the surface, there are touch up kits or colour sticks available, so you can immediately treat the damage. If you notice some boards coming loose, repair it immediately with some nails and a hammer to keep it back in place.

You can always try to do repairs by yourself or look to hire a wood restoration expert, to do it for you. The best key to preserve your floors is always providing it with proper care. You must remember that even the smallest crack or scratch can turn into expensive repairs if left untreated.

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